A Resilience Check-up in the Midst of Crisis

Resilience Check-up in the Midst of COVID Crisis Em Capito LSW

Resilience Check-up in the Midst of COVID Crisis Em Capito LSWOne of the opportunities inherent in crisis is an honest assessment of your resilience. 

​When all is going well, we tend to believe we’ve got all our bases covered. It’s when things get hairy that we can assess reality (as a compassionate observer).

In the midst of our collective crisis, where have you risen to the occasion? Where have you fallen apart?

I always have an eye to which of my roots are deep, and which are shallow little nubs. Our resilience in any given moment is drawn from the health of those roots.

The Hierarchy of Resilience by Em Capito, LCSWMind-Body-Soul: Am I taking care of my body?

If we don’t get enough sleep, forget everything else. Exercise, a healthy diet, and spiritual nourishment are also critical to our ability to be compassionate and patient under stress. Unfortunately, for many, the complete loss of a normal routine has disrupted healthy habits with regression to our old self-medication strategies.

> Is there an opportunity to get a full night’s rest tonight? Or to move your body and ditch the comfort food this weekend?

​Belonging: ​Do I feel connected to and supported by my tribe? 

Wholehearted Allies (our people who show up unconditionally) are the first line of defense when we’re in need. Nurturing those relationships creates the sense of community that carries us through pandemics. In the midst of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to find ways to connect.

> Could you reach out to simply listen to a loved one? Maybe set up a virtual “happy hour” with friends (as in positive memories and humorous stories, rather than negative information and fear)?

Meaning: Do I feel a deep sense of purpose? 

Viktor Frankl identified three sources of meaning: creating and giving, experiencing life and others, and in taking a stand in the face of the adversity outside of our control. In our extended loss of structure, work, and interaction, a crisis of meaning can lead to feeling depressed, anxious and hopeless. 

> How could you serve, create, or fully experience your life and loved ones? Could you exude hope?

​Mindfulness: ​Am I fully here, right now?

There exists an unprecedented onslaught of anxiety-provoking news in our current reality. A constant siren call to worry about the future, missing the only moments we actually have: the present. 

> Could you find a quiet space that brings you back to your inherently brave, expansive, calm self? (Try nature.) 

Mindset: Am I blaming the situation for my experience, or authoring my experience within the situation?

Peace and happiness aren’t tied to our circumstances. They’re nurtured by a resilient perspective – that of the author and the hero of your own journey through this life, not the victim of bad news or bad people.

> What would you write into your day? How will you create that possibility? 

Intentional Discomfort: Am I avoiding the call to adventure? 

There’s a lot of new, slightly scary challenges going on right now. And there are wide openings to create, learn and throw yourself into a pursuit.

> Could you channel the angst of the unknown into learning, a new experience, or some other challenge?

Where are your opportunities for awareness, growth and greater resilience?

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