Rockstar Afterparty @ Snowbird 2016Only you can be the hero of your story.

Adversity is an opportunity to see yourself with real clarity, throw convention and fear out the window, and start living better – with resiliency.

This is the rockstar mindset, and the magic of adversity alchemy.

This is ground zero for resiliency experiments, experiences, and opportunities to join me on your own rockstar journey.

The Rockstar Comeback Project: I hit a rock bottom in 2015, triggering my “Rockstar Comeback” – what started as a journal on an unconventional response to trauma and turned into a community of rockstars transforming hardship into meaning and resiliency.

The Resiliency Rooted Project: I am so fulfilled when I witness a therapy client take up their call to adventure and make their own Rockstar Comeback, but I aim to reach more than one client at a time by taking helping professionals on their own journey to resiliency, so that they can incorporate this research-backed approach into their practice – creating a ripple effect of resiliency.

The Type 1 Rockstar Project: After hitting rock bottom, the stress caused an autoimmune attack and Type 1 diabetes, which has turned into a passion for low-carb recipes and whole body health. I’m healthier than I ever have been, and you can be, too – even if you aren’t diabetic.

You’ve got a rockstar inside. Adversity is the inevitable prerequisite for growth. We can do better than cope. You have a resilient spirit begging to be nurtured. Launch your own rockstar project. Turn your curveballs into home runs.

About Em

Em Capito, LCSWAs a clinical therapist with more than 10 years of experience observing a broken approach to mental, emotional and physical well-being, I aim to challenge how we think about and respond to adversity.

I completed my master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah in 2007, seeking out independent study in mind-body medicine and emphasizing whole wellness and self-determination early in my career in addiction treatment.

I quickly grew frustrated with the constant pressure to assess, diagnose, document, and of course: bill.

Here’s the truth: You are the ONLY expert on you. 

I’ve continued to push outside the imagined boundaries of the mental health industry to bring together a philosophy, the best of Eastern and Western methods, and common sense tools to root into resiliency, rather than slap labels and band-aids on symptoms.

What I found: The quickest way for anyone to boost their own resiliency is through intentional discomfort – safely stepping outside of your comfort zone on purpose, sometimes baby stepping, in order to get intimate with your fears and learn precisely who you are: a rockstar.

I continue to offer a clinical practice specializing in post-traumatic meaning and growth. I am a Dharana Method Meditation Teacher and LifePower Yoga Teacher and incorporate meditation, mindfulness and movement into sessions, retreats, and workshops.