Therapy & Coaching

Em Capito, LCSW, MBA, E-RYT Psychotherapist

You have all of your own answers.

That doesn’t mean you need to walk this path alone.

Within the arc of The Hero’s Journey, the hero takes that first leap of faith into the unknown, and ultimately overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles thanks to mentors and guides who show up at the darkest points when all hope seems lost.

Hero's Journey Illustration Em Capito, LCSW, MBA, RYT

My work is to create space for healing and growth, an opportunity for you to feel whole and begin to trust your own intuitive knowledge of who you are, what you need, and where you belong; a space free of judgment, criticism, shoulds, or should nots.

Combining more than 15 years of experience with advanced training in trauma and mind-body work, I offer holistic therapy services aimed at supporting you in uncovering your own truth, clarity, and inherent strength.

I utilize a person-centered approach to traditional talk therapy, while integrating a holistic perspective across mind-body wellness, belonging, meaning, mindfulness and mindset. This means we will consider factors such as sleep, movement, nutrition, purpose, passion and relationships within our work together to not only find immediate relief, but also sustainable resilience.

Over the years, I have developed natural focuses in working with:

  • Women
  • Couples
  • Helping Professionals
  • Female Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Within my work, I specialize in: 

Post-traumatic healing and growth, including childhood trauma, the immediate aftermath of recent trauma, and chronic trauma

Attachment therapy to dramatically decrease reactivity and conflict while improving quality and fulfillment within your relationship with yourself and others

High conflict relationship support, including domestic violence, separation or divorce, coparenting, and finding your way through the trauma, chronic anxiety, and legal steps

Navigating type 1 diabetes and other chronic health conditions to reduce fear and find your own empowered approach to managing life, for adults and caregivers

Where We Will Meet

My practice is located in South Jordan, Utah where you can opt to take your session in the comfort of the office, outdoors for a walk-and-talk around the lake, or into the studio for private yoga therapy and mindfulness training.

Virtual sessions are always an option and between-session text coaching support is included at no extra cost.

My Background

Briefly, I graduated with a master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah in 2007, seeking out independent study in mind-body medicine during my graduate program. I am passionate about the impact of systemic change and social justice and obtained a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix in 2011. In 2017, I became a Certified Meditation Teacher through the Dharana Method and I am an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 200), trained through LifePower that same year.

We will work together to find relief from the overwhelm, recognize your next steps, and establish a foundation of resilience to support you through future challenges and opportunities.


Individual Therapy

Adversity is universal. We all face seemingly unbearable pain, sudden loss, persistent anxiety, and deep depression at times. Growth comes from our walks through darkness, providing opportunities to endure, strengthen a resilient mindset, and release the fears, shame, guilt and criticism that can creep in and limit our ability to see clearly.

Individual Therapy for Helping Professionals

As helping professionals, we tend to put up a wall around our own pain, trauma, and emotions, focusing instead on serving others. This actually undermines our effectiveness, and places us at risk for causing harm to our clients. We have a responsibility to practice rigorous self-care in order to serve ethically. At times, this means working with our own therapist. It has been an honor to provide a confidential space for colleagues to find peace and strength in their humanity.

Couples Therapy 

Being in relationship means constantly confronting the mirror that is your partner. We reflect back to one another love, respect and support, but also our deepest fears, doubts and self-criticisms. This is an invitation into deep understanding, humility and profound intimacy. Within couples therapy, we can discover our own and our partner’s hidden beliefs, attachment injuries and love language, as well as a tangible structure and skillset for deescalation, vulnerable communication and healthy boundaries.

The Resilience Class

Within this online program, you can assess your baseline and progress across the six dimensions of The Hierarchy of Resilience, gain an in-depth understanding of yourself within each of these contexts, and engage in experiential practices from the comfort of home, at your own pace. Enrollment comes with lifetime access.

High Conflict Divorce & Coparenting Coaching

Leaving an abusive relationship is incredibly difficult, especially when children are involved, you feel financially dependent, or there is the very real threat of increased conflict or violence if you leave. Managing anxiety and trauma while continuing to show up for your responsibilities already requires enormous bandwidth. You don’t need to navigate the family court system alone. I will work with you to understand your options, recognize bigger picture outcomes, practice skills for enforcing clear boundaries, and find peace, even amidst ongoing legal abuse or custody battles.

Clinical Supervision

I provide a uniquely holistic clinical supervision experience for newly licensed social workers, incorporating an equal focus on self-work and clinical practice across all six dimensions of The Hierarchy of Resilience and with a practice emphasis rooted in the Rogerian Person-Centered Approach.

Retreats, Workshops & Studio Classes 

I highly recommend combining therapy with additional practice, tools and knowledge to support your journey. To that end, I offer:

  • In-studio and outdoor group yoga therapy based in the Hero’s Journey framework
  • Meditation groups and classes
  • Workshops on attachment and relationships
  • Experiential retreats

Please email (em @ or text 801-898-0842 to inquire about availability. I accept cash and cards, including health savings cards. I do not take insurance.

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