Em Capito, LCSWYou have all of your answers.

That doesn’t mean you need to walk this path alone.

Within the arc of The Hero’s Journey, the hero takes that first leap of faith into the unknown, and ultimately overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles thanks to mentors and guides who showed up at those darkest points when all hope seemed lost.

Combining more than 10 years of experience with advanced training in trauma and mindfulness work, I offer holistic therapy services aimed at supporting you in uncovering your own truth, clarity, and inherent resiliency.

We will work together to create a foundation rooted in the six building blocks of resiliency: mindfulness, mindset, mind-body-soul care, intentional discomfort, wholehearted allies and meaning.

Therapy services often combine traditional talk therapy with movement, yoga therapy, meditation, mindfulness training, nature and resiliency field trips.

My work is to create the space for healing and growth. No judgment, criticism, shoulds, or should nots. Because sometimes we all need a place to be who we are in this moment, perfectly imperfect.

My practice is located in South Jordan, Utah.


Individual Therapy for Women

Adversity is universal. We all face seemingly unbearable pain, sudden loss, persistent anxiety, and deep depression at times. Growth comes from our walks through darkness, providing opportunities to endure, strengthen a resilient mindset, and release the fears, shame, guilt and criticism that can creep in and limit our ability to see clearly.

Individual Therapy for Helping Professionals

As helping professionals, we tend to put up a wall around our own pain, trauma, and emotions, focusing instead on serving others. This actually undermines our effectiveness, and places us at risk for causing harm to our clients. We have a responsibility to practice rigorous self-care in order to serve ethically. At times, this means working with our own therapist. It has been an honor to provide a confidential space for colleagues to find peace and strength in their humanity.

Support Groups

We are communal creatures. Even the most introverted thrive from meaningful connection, especially within a space of unconditional support. Please see here for current Support Groups.

Clinical Supervision

I provide a uniquely holistic clinical supervision experience for newly licensed social workers, incorporating an equal focus on self-work and clinical practice across all six dimensions of my resiliency framework and with a practice emphasis rooted in the Rogerian Person-Centered Approach.

Please email (em @ or call (801.898.0842) to inquire about availability. I accept cash and cards, including health savings cards. I do not take insurance.

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