Business Coaching

Em Capito, LCSW, MBA Business Coach & Consultant

I combine diverse experience in business with deep expertise in mental resilience to support visionaries.

Creating a legacy of impact as a business leader, executive or entrepreneur requires humility and insight.

I’ve served as an executive in a $7M organization, as a transitional CEO of a startup, and as a solo entrepreneur of my own business.

I personally know the regret of misplacing my family on that ladder of priorities. I know the late nights that never added up to the life I set out to live. I also know the joy and fulfillment of impacting the world through our unique talents and tenacity.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with truly visionary leaders as they have traversed the challenge of living fully within their purpose and would be honored to work with you.

Please email or text 801-898-0842 to inquire about availability and schedule a free consultation.


Lida Citroen LIDA360“In a sea of sameness amongst coaches, Em is unique. She brings a rare combination of experience – coach, executive, entrepreneur – and practical insight to offer recommendations that guide clients to discover their own solutions and evaluate challenges differently. Sometimes it’s the way she asks the question. Other times, it’s how she pushes back on the easy answer.

In working with Em, I have learned new ways to grow my business and deepen my commitment to serve others. As a coach, Em feels more like a business partner who’s vested in her clients’ success.

Lida Citroën, Reputation Management Expert at LIDA360


Dr. Nalini Chilkov“I had the opportunity to rely on Em as the backbone of my virtual team for nearly five years. She has the ability to turn an idea into clear, manageable next steps, always with an eye to my deeper purpose. She has the ability to discriminate what is most important and to set priorities.

In an environment where team members come and go and I must serve as the constant heartbeat of a tremendous vision, Em became a thread of consistent, high integrity support and manifestation.”

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, Founder, The American Institute of Integrative Oncology

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