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Em Capito, Speaker

“Powerful. Relatable. Moving.”

“The work you are doing and sharing is so needed and is changing lives.”

– Betty Morin, Event Coordinator

“Em’s keynote message for our campus was encouraging and challenging. Especially in times like these, we appreciated hearing how to turn this incredible year of hardship into a year of growth for our physical and emotional wellbeing.”

– Rebekah S. Woods, J.D., Ph.D. President, Columbia Basin College

Speaking, Workshops & Organizational Resilience

Select Speaking Topics: 

Curiosity Alchemy: Becoming Stress Resilient

Wide Mind, Whole Body: Living in Holistic Purpose

The Hierarchy of Resilience: The Six Science-based Factors for Grit

Whether an inspiring keynote, an experiential workshop, or a year-long culture shift with executive leadership, I’ve worked with audiences and teams of all sizes in cultivating tangible resilience, an endlessly renewable wellspring of meaningful ambition, intuitive balance, and genuine well-being.

Em Capito, LCSW Resilience Utah Sexual Violence ConferenceEm Capito LCSW RYT Teaching Yoga Resilience

Group & Retreat Experiences

Hands-on personal application is at the root of lasting change. I have more than a decade of experience facilitating transformational dialogues and curating powerful first-hand experiences within retreats, workshops, and other events.

Experiences that can enhance your event:

Group Meditation

Hero’s Journey Yoga

Resiliency Field Trips

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“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as your presentation started I began scribbling pages of notes and screenshooting your slides. I burst into tears when the “Deepening Belonging” slide came up. It felt like a million lightbulbs were suddenly going off in my head. I am filled with gratitude!”

– Marissa, Divvy

“That was absolutely fabulous. From puppy-brain to the Star Wars reference (and on more serious levels of being critical of my internal criticism), I identified very deeply with what you were saying.”

– Ted Twinting, McKinnon-Mulherin

“As someone who has learned a lot of stuff about wellness *in theory*, I was happily surprised by how much I got out of your talk. As a fiction writer, I’m very familiar with the hero’s journey, but it never occurred to me that it might apply to my own life! The concept of having a hero’s mindset rather than a victim’s is incredibly empowering. Learning that our window of tolerance can be shifted gives me hope to know that I can actually DO something about it.”

– Rachel, McKinnon-Mulherin

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