Corporate Resilience

Em Capito, LCSW, MBA, E-RYT Corporate Speaker

Beyond corporate wellness lies the opportunity to fuel organization-wide resilience.

Resilient employees and leaders aren’t just healthier, they are adaptable and innovative changemakers.

They weather personal and professional challenges without burnout. They act on opportunity with integrity and confidence.

My science-based resilience framework empowers leadership to execute a step-by-step plan to lay the groundwork across five cornerstones of corporate resilience: mind-body wellness, mindset, mindfulness, meaning and experiential work designed to continually break through perceived limitations.

Resilience reflects a win-win mentality of investment in your organization, and the people who service your mission and carry out your vision. It’s a holistic commitment to the health and wellbeing, engagement, and performance of your teams.

Resiliency Rooted Community Em Capito, LCSW

Corporate resilience services can include:

Organizational Resilience Assessment and Development Plan

Leadership Workshops and Coaching

Organization-wide or Team-based Resilience Training

Experiential Team Resiliency Field Trips

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“Em Capito is shockingly incisive and insightful. She’s a rare combination of keen business acumen and an evidently high IQ graced by profound social intelligence. She instantly saw connections, pitfalls and loopholes in my almost-30-year-old corporation that colleagues and peers who have worked in my industry their whole lives fail to grasp. She popped open my mind to new possibilities! Em is a brilliant, gifted business consultant.”
— Wendy Keller, Keller Media
“Em has seemingly endless optimism. She utilizes her keen foresight to navigate through even some of the most daunting tasks. Always available and effectively responsive, she is a natural leader. She balances her brilliance and tenacity with a gracious and professional personality, which is simply a winning and rare combination.”
— Susie Wiet, M.D.
“There are few business consultants out there worth a dime. Most are all talk – I know from personal experience from more than nine years in the industry. I have worked with Em for the past four years. Em proves her value out of the gate with immediate, tangible results.”
— Andrea Hale, Brand Positioning Expert,
“After working with Em, I can share that she is easily in the top 5% of all people I have ever worked with during my 30 years of global business experience. Em has an uncanny ability to anticipate problems and swiftly develop viable solutions. But beyond her expertise is solid ethical and character underpinning. I highly recommend her.”
— Judy Robinett, Angel Investor & Author
“Em quickly transformed our goals into a strategic plan with the flexibility to adapt to our actual results going forward. She approached the project with a constant eye to internal capacity, rather than dependence on outside expertise.”
— Machiel Klerk, Founder & President, Jung Society of Utah
“Em approaches every task with an impressive degree of diligence and earnestness. She is one of the most responsive people with whom I have worked and I can count on her for follow-through 100% of the time. She is energetic and intelligent and can be counted on for genuine input.”
— Don Coleman, MBA

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