13 Life Lessons (and counting…)

13 Life Lessons Em Capito, LCSW, MBA

13 Life Lessons Em Capito, LCSW, MBAThe ever-evolving list of life lessons I’ve (repeatedly) learned the hard way.

Every year in December, I run away from home.

I typically leave the country on a solo retreat.

A sacred and adventurous journey away from my everyday life, creating the space to reflect, recharge and set intentions for the year ahead with (hopefully) just a bit more wisdom and grace.

These life lessons continue to evolve every year as I face new challenges, find myself repeating the same mistakes over and over again, and work to continually rediscover myself amidst the wreckage of stress, failure and reinvention.

  1. There is no destination, just the journey today.
  2. To grow, sit still.
  3. To be free of fear and anxiety, make it a habit to do scary, brave, wild things.
  4. To defeat almost any inner demon, act the opposite.
  5. To feel “good enough,” take big risks. Never shrink into safety.
  6. To love my body, use it fully to move, play and explore.
  7. To break out of apathetic avoidance, burn the to do list, let go of all obligations and just do something. Anything.
  8. To feel loved, love myself and have faith: The right people show up at the right time.
  9. To live fully, stop planning. Watch and listen for the signs and then say yes.
  10. To be a great parent, be imperfectly real and terribly patient.
  11. To feel safe, take the risk and be vulnerable.
  12. To walk through depression and other periods of hell, lean in to the pain with compassion, and then go outside.
  13. To find belonging and connection, listen to and show up for others without judgment.

What are some of the life lessons you hold onto?

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