Benefiting from Subliminal Rockstar Messages (Spotify Playlist)

The Power of Subliminal Messages. (The Resiliency Spotify Playlist)

laundry musicI’m the type of person that always has music on in the background and I have a wide variety on my playlist, from pop to reggae to alternative to rap and more.

Throughout long, project days and crazy road trips this summer, I started editing the heck out of my favorite Spotify playlist to hone in on those songs that motivate and inspire me to keep on keeping on. 

Music is powerful.

It can change your mood, amp you up, chill you out, and either infuse positive, rockstar messages into your psyche, or draw you into the petty, worthless, or straight-up offensive lyrics that make up most top 40 songs these days.

I was a little surprised at how many of my favorite beats were riddled with objectifying or demoralizing messages about relationships, sex, and life in general. DELETE. 

One of my friends has a speaker system that automatically plays his favorite playlist at 6:00 am every morning as he sits down to start writing and cranking out other amazing projects.

Why not get the edge with curated, kickass soundtracks for your morning, your workout, or your wind-down-with-a-glass-of-wine on the porch evening ritual?

Steal some of my favorite tracks and start your own Rockstar Playlist. I’ll be mixing it up all the time, so feel free to make suggestions in the comments!

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