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Resilience Centered Online Certification Course Utah CEU

100% Online - 16+ CEUs

Become a Certified Resilience Centered Practitioner



<< Take it from a graduate.

Establish expertise. Renew your passion for your practice. Transform yourself in the process. 

100% Online. Learn at Your Own Pace.

16 CEUs for Utah Mental Health Professionals 


8 Modules with Video Lessons & Hands-On Application 

 Lifetime Access to the Entire Online Course 

Bonus Online Lessons and CEUs

PLUS: Access to the Resilience Centered Community

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Are you...

A passionate helping professional? 

Perhaps a mentor, counselor, coach, therapist, teacher, psychologist, personal trainer or healer? 

More interested in health and resiliency, as opposed to symptoms, diagnoses and and billing codes? 

Ready for professional development that lays a genuine foundation of expertise with ongoing support?

Willing to change yourself in the process - walk the talk?

"This is the training I wish I received in graduate school."

  • Develop expertise in a foundation for effective integrative practice for people from all walks of life 
  • Deliver a trauma-informed resiliency-based approach
  • Spark sustainable change in the most entrenched clients
  • Break out of industry boxes that limit your effectiveness
  • Establish your own personal resiliency practice - professional + personal application integrated throughout
  • Eliminate burn-out and compassion fatigue
  • Learn from a community of diverse professionals 
  • Have fun again and discover more joy in your practice

Carmell Clark

"Em creates safe spaces to meet the parts of yourself you avoid, and then walks with you as you learn to become vulnerable and reclaim that power. She challenges you to step with her beyond your comfort zone and take up your own call to adventure. 

Her genius and passion are in those moments where you discover how strong and resilient you truly are. She embodies the work and teaches from her own lived experience. You'll get your hands dirty and your heart fulfilled--and that will make all the difference.

- Carmell Clark, Transformational Coach

Andrea Hale

"Em breaks down the walls, bringing people together as equals and teaching from a place of humility and humor. She's in the trenches with you, inviting you to embrace your unique strengths, and celebrating your victories." 

- Andrea Hale

Course Details


  • Lifetime Access - Learn online, at your own pace
  • 16 CEUs Approved for Utah Professionals (see FAQ below)
  • Transformative Personal and Professional Application
  • Practice Listing in Certified Practitioners Directory
  • Community Membership Upon Certification
  • Diverse Collaboration, Referrals & Support 
  • Ongoing FREE Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Virtual Community Consultation Circles
  • Discounted Resiliency Field Trips Just for Helping Pros


  • The Person-Centered Foundation & Resiliency Framework
  • Intentional Discomfort & Resiliency Field Trips
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Meaning, Trauma & Suffering
  • Mindset: Hero & Victim Archetypes
  • Belonging & Wholehearted Allies
  • The Mind-Body-Soul Connection 
  • Case Studies, Reflection & Ongoing Application
  • Bonus Lesson: Healing & Resilience in Nature
  • Bonus Lesson: Nutrition for Whole Wellness

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16 CEUs and Certification

Normally $297

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Em Capito, LCSW

Facilitator: Em Capito, LCSW, MBA, RYT

I've been practicing holistic therapy for 13+ years and integrate mind-body approaches as a Dharana meditation teacher and LifePower yoga teacher.

I felt entirely inadequate for years, frustrated by the taster menu of training in my graduate degree and at conferences and seminars. 

Ever fallen into these common traps (like me)?

  • Questioning like a detective under the guise of an "assessment"?
  • Labeling, judging and otherwise projecting values and beliefs? 
  • Checking your personality and sense of humor at the door?
  • Neglecting other methods that weren't part of your narrow education?
  • Failing to practice what you preach? 


The truth is, anyone can be effective at helping others change their lives.  

Each field has it's own expertise, but ALL helping professionals must master the art of resilience to create space for sustainable change.  

This course is the culmination of 10+ years and thousands of dollars and hours in additional education to pull the threads together. It's an integrative approach rooted in resilience and empowerment (not problems and dependence). 

This is the training I was looking for 13 years ago. 

Advisors & Expert Guest Presenters

Dr. Joshua Cluff, PsyD

Dr. Cluff is a Clinical Psychologist with a diverse background working with clients of all ages from all walks of life, emphasizing his studies on trauma and multicultural counseling. Dr. Cluff maintains a full-time comprehensive assessment practice, while actively engaging in a variety of opportunities to support clients and essential programs in the community.

Corinne Johnson, LCSW, Certified Resilience Centered Practitioner

Corinne lends nearly 20 years of therapy experience to the course curriculum, working with diverse clients at every stage of life and specializing in couples work. Corinne has a strong background in course and program development, creating training curriculums and designing workshops for therapists, counselors, teachers and treatment teams.

Marcie Peck, PhD

Marcie Peck, PhD

Associate Professor, Education Foundations

Dr. Peck brings more than 30 years of teaching experience to the course design, with expertise in educational foundations and an emphasis in culture and society. She lends particular guidance to the online course development with a strong background in engaging every learning style within an online educational environment.

Founder, The Dharana Method

A passionate student of Vedanta, Amanda founded The Dharana Method of meditation, which includes her Certified Meditation Teacher training, in an effort to empower others to change their lives and share mindful living with others. A student of Deepak Chopra, Amanda brings deep expertise and insight to the topic of meditation. For Students Only: Amanda will be available for individual meditation coaching sessions at a 20% discount 

Adventure Therapist

Whether in the natural world or the traditional office, it is Alex's passion to integrate intentional experiences to promote deeper learning, growth, and healing. He draws on these principles in his work at the University of Utah, as an adjunct professor of counseling at Westminster College, and a private practitioner with Wasatch Learning and Wellness.

Registered Dietician Nutritionist

A graduate of Utah State in Medical Dietetics, Trish is a bilingual dietitian who has worked for the WIC program, Primary Children’s Medical Center, and the American Heart Association. She loves cooking and finds food to be not only enjoyable but endlessly fascinating as well. Trish guest teaches a bonus lesson on Fueling Resiliency: Nutrition for Whole Wellness.

A Few of Our Recent Graduates!

Ready to Join Us?


If you're on the edge of whether this is the right course for you, give me a call and let's make sure it is.  

I've intentionally designed this course to be grounded in a community of engaged and committed professionals. This is hard work. This is not one of those courses you buy and then forget about (that's the whole point).  

You will be challenged to try new things and to think outside your training. I genuinely hope you have points where you are wildly uncomfortable, but if you aren't completely satisfied at the end, I will make it right. 

Questions? Call me: (801) 898-0842 or Send an email: em @ emcapito.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Which continuing education credits are pre-approved?

If your license requires continuing education and this course is relevant, I'm committed to doing everything I can to make sure you get credit. 

This course is approved for 16 Distance Learning CEU hours for all licensed social workers in the state of Utah through the National Association of Social Workers and meets all criteria for other licensed Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder professionals in Utah except psychologists currently.

Approved for Utah Licenses: SSW, LCSW, LMFT, CMHC, SUDC

Approval Pending: Utah Psychologists - Online/Distance Learning requires approval by the Utah APA with a sponsoring member. If you are an interested psychologist, please let me know and we'll get the application taken care of.

If your licensed out of state or in a related field, please get in touch with me and let's get it approved!

What should I expect?

For the Online Course, you will receive login credentials to an online learning platform. Each of the eight modules will be available immediately. To support effective online learning, each module of the course will be broken into short, consumable lessons that you can watch or listen to on the go. 

In between sessions/modules, you'll have homework, including reading, journaling and experiential practice, as well as planning and carrying out personal and professional application of the course lessons. At the end of the course, students will present a personal and professional case study to demonstrate application of the lessons in order to become Certified.  

Online students will be invited to a private online forum for support and ongoing collaboration within the broader Resilience Centered Community - including access to myself, advisors and alumni. This is currently in the form of a Facebook Group.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You will have lifelong access to the course. However, if you are taking the course for CEUs, you will want to obtain your CEU certificate in the period you want to apply the hours to, which means completing the course in that timeframe. For example, if your CEU deadline is September 30th, you will want to complete the course and request your CEU certificate by then. Your CEU certificate will be dated as of the last lesson completed, as logged inside the course.

What is included as part of Certification?

If your complete all of the requirements of the course, you can become a Certified Resilience Centered Practitioner. At graduation, you will be presented with a certificate you can display in your practice. You will also get access to a promotional badge that you can display on your business cards, promotional materials, or website to share your expertise and commitment to the Resilience Centered core values. 

Certification additionally comes with initial complimentary membership in the Resilience Centered Community where you will have access to a growing community of colleagues and mentors, future continuing education training, consultation groups and practice resources.

What is the Resilience Centered Community?

Training is just a starting place. We are here to change lives. We can do that so much more effectively when we are connected to a community of collaborative, supportive professionals who share in the experience of being human and a helping professional. 

The Resilience Centered Community is designed to provide a special hub of helping professionals who have all completed the course and therefore share a common ground and language so that you can work together on client cases (such as a nutritionist and a therapist joining up to help a client who eats their emotions!), refer to one another with confidence, and - most importantly - support one another. 

Ready to Create a Resilience Centered Practice?