Mindful Yoga

The hero’s journey plays out in every class.

We begin by grounding into this moment: becoming fully present.

Bringing the mind, body and soul back into alignment, we accept this call to adventure. As we move through the sun salutations, we face familiar, increasingly intense challenges…until we reach our edge.

It is there, at the edge, that we grow. 

We become aware of our edge, how to play right up to it, how to fall and then begin again, with well-earned humility that opens our minds and hearts.

This is how I fell in love with yoga.

All forms of yoga are wonderful, but in my classes, we take a hero’s journey.

What better practice to strengthen our physical, emotional and mental resiliency simultaneously so that we can lead lives with more peace, confidence and humor?

Check the Calendar for upcoming classes at my studio in South Jordan, Utah, or get in touch to schedule a private individual or group Mindful Yoga class.