Resilience Centered Practitioner Community

Resilience Centered Cohort Spring 2019

Meaningful Education and Community for Helping Professionals

Helping others change their lives for the better…it’s the most fulfilling work in the world, and also a heavy responsibility. 

Some time ago, sitting around the kitchen table at a colleague’s home drinking strong coffee, we complained about the state of the helping profession.

Our complaints boiled down to this: 

First, that we didn’t have anyone to refer to confidently because the training for helping professionals glosses over the most important, evidence-based skills for establishing the rapport that is absolutely required to initiate behavior change.

Second, that we kept attending meaningless continuing education trainings just to fill a quota before license renewal.

Third, that most practitioners are neglecting self-care, even though doing our own work is a pre-requisite to being able to help others, and key to preventing compassion fatigue and burn out.

Fourth, as helping professionals, we tend to avoid seeking support because we feel a burden to be in tip top wellness at all times. We didn’t have a confidential, supportive community where we can simply be human.

The Resilience Centered Certification Course, and the ongoing community, were the result of that conversation.

Resilience Centered Certified Practitioner Em Capito LCSWHow to Join?

The Resilience Centered Community is built on a foundation – a personal and professional commitment to a resilient practice grounded in:

The Person-Centered Approach of unconditional positive regard, client self-determination, empathic listening and therapeutic congruence.

The Resilience Centered Approach, empowering clients to address broader building blocks of meaning, mindset, mindfulness, mind-body-soul alignment, belonging and intentional discomfort.

This allows the follow-on training and support built into the community to bring together a unique and diverse group of helping professionals with a common language and philosophy.

That common foundation is established by completing the Resilience Centered Certification Course, where you will apply this framework to yourself and your clients, walking the talk and building your own resilience first.

You can learn online from anywhere in the world at your own pace, or join us for a live intensive in Utah.

Learn everything you need to know about the Resilience Centered Course here.

Past Community Events

Webinar The Business of Private Practice with Em Capito and Andrea Hale

Training: The Business of Private Practice

Featuring Andrea Hale, Authentic Brand Strategist, we answered your burning questions about how to start and grow your private practice while reaching the clients who were meant to work with you.

Fueling Resiliency Dietician Trish Brimnhall with Em Capito, LCSW

Training: Fueling Resiliency: Nutrition 101

Featuring Trish Brimhall, Registered Dietician, we completed a basic introduction to nutrition and it’s impact on our energy, mental health and physical well-being toward dispelling fears around assessing nutrition and making referrals to support our clients.

Rooted Book Chat Aug 2019

Consultation Circle & Book Dialogue

A frequently mentioned favorite aspect of the live course are the connections and dialogue from being present together to talk vulnerably about our own growth, and our difficult cases. This Circle themed on the fabulous new book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.



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