I’m Em and I’m staging an epic comeback.

I let the essence of myself get lost in my career, marriage and day-to-day status quo. I may have continued on that way, killing myself to achieve something for someone else, but I hit rock bottom in 2015, with a drama-packed divorce, wrongful arrest, and stress-triggered type 1 diabetes.

I try to be a glass half full type and it’s been my experience that the silver linings are even more brilliant when they stand in contrast to the darkest storm clouds. At least they can be. If we embrace adversity as an opportunity.

You can read more about my story as it continues to unfold. It all starts with this post, which commemorated the start of my comeback with a purposeful before I drown myself in the bucket list of adventures and new experiences.

That’s how easy it is to start. Get out of your routine and your comfort zone and start building a resilient lifestyle.

As a therapist, I can tell you that the research is in, and has been for some time: the way we choose to live from moment to moment has a lot more to do with our emotional and mental health than any psychotherapy session or medication.

I’m on a mission to bring resiliency into the mainstream again, and I’m trying every strategy out on myself first.

Here’s the truth: Resiliency is your competitive edge. In life. In your career. In everything.

Resiliency casts you as the hero of your story, never the victim.

Life’s curveballs can result in home runs, or E.R. runs. It’s up to you, but it takes a commitment to live a little differently.

I hope you’ll join us, rockstar.