Why I have a coach and a therapist

Em Capito, LCSW, MBA and Lyn Christian Therapy Coaching
Em Capito, LCSW, MBA and Lyn Christian Therapy Coaching
My coach, Lyn Christian of SoulSalt

I refused to take my own medicine for years.

I was the coach who refused to hire a coach. The therapist who didn’t see a therapist.

I learned the hard way (as I tend to do!) that becoming whole and fulfilled is worth a hefty sacrifice, and that working with people further along the path was hands down the most impactful investment I could make. Far more valuable than my mindless purchases of coffee or impulse self-help books.

So, why do I work with a therapist and a coach?

  • Because adversity is inevitable and I don’t ever want to feel powerless again.
  • Because when I sort myself out without editing, real clarity quickly emerges and I answer my own questions.
  • Because social accountability is the secret sauce to follow-through on what actually matters.
  • Because I learn something profound about myself every single session.

I’ll admit that it’s a challenge to find the right practitioner for you. There is a LOT of mediocrity in any profession, and outright charlatans in the coaching world. Just like dating, it’s worth an intelligent search.

  • Ask around. Only follow-up on glowing recommendations.
  • Stay alert for who is showing up, and trust your intuition.
  • Be open, but dedicated to your objectives. Ask questions. State your hopes and expectations.

Sure, you may waste a co-pay or even a few hundred on the wrong fit, but if you don’t look at all, who knows what you’ll lose?

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