Welcome, Rockstar

Welcome, Rockstar.Life is messy.

The unpredictable rock bottom of trauma, transition, or just the insidious status quo can creep up like then Kaken and leave you in pieces.

I know, I’ve been there.

In 2015, over the course of six months, I went through a divorce, assault, wrongful arrest, and type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

I was apparently saving up my bad juju for one big spree. You can read my story here.

It’s easy to wallow; to focus on how unfair it all is or just let the doldrums continue day after day.

But it sounds like a hell of a lot more fun to instead curate your own epic rockstar comeback.

As a therapist, I set out to do just that, rooted in the research on resiliency. Rockstar Comeback was born out of that experiment.

Whatever it is or was – divorce, cancer, a loss, or a reconsidering of direction after checking into a cubicle for 963 weekdays in a row – it’s high time to rock a life you love and build up that badass fortitude that can carry you though the curveballs to come.

Rockstar Comeback is a community hub, curating experiences designed to help people rediscover their limitless, resilient selves and rewrite their story.

Join us in this irreverent resiliency revolution! Embrace adversity. Transform your life.

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