Secrets of the Infallibly Happy

Ever admired (or jealously coveted) those rare individuals where the silver lining is literally reflecting off their pupils? The gal who is always genuinely upbeat, even in the depths of a family-in-law reunion, and the guy who can turn a dreary Saturday into a spontaneous adventure?

How do they do it?

The infallibly happy people are truly rare gems and they attract everyone (including opportunities). Who wants to spend time with boring Betty or grumpy Gus when they can bask in the warmth of giggles Gloria?

These folks have mastered an art of buoyancy, marrying steel-reinforced patience internally and opportunistic excitement externally.

Unfortunately the only get infallibly happy quick secret is being born that way, which most of us weren’t. The good news is that becoming one of those always bright and positive people after years of complaining, eye rolling, disengaging, and gossiping is possible.

Like most things worth doing or being, it takes a great deal of awareness and white knuckling in the moments when you would rather be dead or kill people (wild exaggerations of course, but it does kind of feel that way sometimes).

Instead of hiding behind our smartphones or uttering that the obvious sweltering heat is going to result in an aneurysm, we must force the most believable smile possible and ask another to join us in some fun, and then go create it.


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