Book Review: The Butterfly Effect

This week’s book is a break from heavy reading. The Butterfly Effect is little book with 109 visually stunning pages that pack an enormous message direct from Andy Andrews (author of The Traveler’s Gift).

We’ve all heard of the butterfly effect. Originally a myth that has since been proven, the butterfly effect is technically the “Law of Sensitive Dependence Upon Initial Conditions.” This simply means that with every flap of a butterfly’s wings, air molecules are moved and impact other molecules, setting off a domino effect that could eventually start a hurricane on the other side of the planet. A very small action that can have an enormous unknown impact.

Andrews applies the principle of the butterfly effect to our actions, right down to the most insignificant. One man won the Nobel Prize for saving millions of people from famine due to the development of corn and wheat that could survive in arid climates.

This fact stands alone in its significance. Then Andrews connects this man to a series of prior actions that made his work with corn and wheat possible, taking you back on an amazing journey through time and beautifully illustrating how the actions of one person permanently alter the future for the entire world.

By the end of the book, I had to wipe away a few tears. After a hectic day, I reconnected with what really matters, which is why this little book is so special.

Perfect for your coffee table, bedside table (I enjoyed the every morning reminder), or memorable gifts to those who have impacted you, The Butterfly Effect will stick with you.

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  1. I already graduated in a university but up until now I still don’t know what path should I take. Until one time I saw some street children and a girl. I was just looking at them because I don’t know what the girl is doing there. She was talking to those street children. I took some step to hear what they’re talking about and then I found out that the girl was teaching the street children how to read a story. It’s a very simple way of her to helping those street children but it gives a great impact. I feel like she’s giving hope to those street children that even if they were not given a chance to study in a school because of there situation, it’s not a hindrance for them to learn what they need to learn. This made me realize what path should I take. I want to be a TEACHER.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful story, Judy! I would say that deserves a signed copy of The Butterfly Effect! Check your email, it’s soon headed your way!

  3. I’m late! I meant to comment on Saturday, but the snow caused a wrinkle in my weekend. I have a great story, but it’s a bit in reverse – how I inadvertently impacted someone else’s life positively.

    I am an OB and a few Christmases ago my husband and I got into an argument about whether to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve or not. I didn’t feel like it, but he was insistent for no good reason, which was unlike him, so we went. Before we could even sit down at our table, a woman across the room started panicking. Someone called for a doctor and I went over to help. She delivered her baby less than 5 minutes later right there in the restaurant while we waited for the ambulance. Now, the baby was healthy and all might have gone okay without me, but I always wonder if it would have. I always chocked it up to ‘right place, right time’ but maybe I saved one of their lives and they are going to go on to do amazing things.

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