Solopreneur Perk: The Biz-cation

Solopreneur Perk #703: The Biz-cation

Solopreneur Perk #703: The Biz-cationI only went on a few business trips when I was employed, which was a lucky thing because I disliked traveling with colleagues and I really don’t care for flying.

Most trips amounted to a so-so destination, 4-5 hours of flight time each way, terrible hotel pillows along with semi-permanent neck pain, and then 8 hours a day in the basement of said hotel at a conference.

Business trips when you’re employed are wretched.

But when you work for yourself…you can curate the ultimate biz-cation.

Step 1. Get the client to pay for your airfare and lodging, and maybe even a per diem. Obviously.

Step 2. Purchase a separate airline ticket for your current bestie or significant other.

Step 3. Get all the busywork out of the way ahead of time and build your schedule to accommodate both business and pleasure.

Step 4. Enjoy a nice vacation without breaking the bank.

I just returned from an 8-day biz-cation to San Francisco.

I stayed in the fabulous Tuscan Inn at the wharf, spent Saturday at Alcatraz, rented a car on Sunday to explore Sonoma, and even took an adventure across town on the bus for dive dim sum.

I even checked an empty suitcase (since Southwest gives each passenger two free checked bags), which just barely contained my purchases.

The extra airfare and above per diem expenses totaled less than $100, and that doesn’t take into consideration the paycheck for my consulting work, which was nearly five figures.

I have a naggy conscience, so you’ll have to make your own call on disclosure, but my client was well aware of my travel companion and intention to enjoy the sights.

Transparency isn’t a problem when your client is confident in the results you’ll achieve. The same is generally not true in an employment setting, where everyone needs to be treated “equally”, which is a bunch of malarkey since your results are not equal to the schmuck down the hall.

Unrelated Too Good Not to Share San Francisco Tips:

  • At Union Square, wander over to the Tower Elevators at the Westin St. Francis hotel. Punch in floor 32 (the highest) and take a breath-taking ride up over the city for free as many times as you would like.
  • There’s also a public dock next to Pier 1 (not the store, actually the first pier) – grab a latte or a cold beer at the Ferry Building and then stick your feet in the water at the end of the dock, away from the tourists.
  1. You nailed it. Since we moved to a quiet canyon, we’ve taken many fewer “vacations” and instead focus on at-home or nearby activities that are rejuvenating. An island beach doesn’t seem quite as appealing when you think about taking an airborne greyhound, hauling baggage, and sleeping in a hotel bed. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Whenever I want to unwind, I’ll just go somewhere cheap and near my area. For me it doesn’t matter if it’s high-end as long as I can clear up my thoughts and recharge.

  3. DB80 would certainly lose you some followers! I don’t think I could ever live in such a crowded metropolis. I much prefer the traffic and cleanliness of Salt Lake.

  4. I’ve never taken Mrs. Done by Forty on a business trip, but she let me tag along when she had a week long conference in Hawaii last year. By far some of the best money we spent. Mixing business & pleasure (and splitting the costs) is fun.

    So glad you had a good time in the Bay Area. Mrs. DB40 is from the north bay, and she keeps trying to convince me to move there. If we do, the prices are so high that I think we’ll have to change the name of the blog to Done by Eighty…

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