Day 2 – The 3 Teets

Having arrived at Grant Teton National Park, we immediately headed to the free campsite that we were hoping would be available, just southeast of the park’s south entrance. Jackson was a literal sea of people and the highway was packed going into the Tetons, so we figured we may be out of luck.

However, the smart hippy way of life prevails again. Despite the best site (an incredible overlook of the Tetons) being taken by some teepee-dwelling granola-lovers, just 5 minutes further down the dirt road rewarded us with a beautiful, shady and perfectly private camping spot, literally 5 minutes off the main road.

We set up our fake tent (to hold the spot while we tool around the park in the VW) and headed over to the Jenny Lake Visitor Center.

The Tetons are just as breath-taking as you’ve heard. The geologic process that continues to push the Tetons up to the heavens creates a flat valley of sediment, making the Tetons appear quite grand indeed, jutting straight out of the ground.

3 BreastsLike the valley, these mountains were named by fur trappers. These solitary, no doubt lonesome, men called the mountains Les Trois Tetons, meaning the three breasts.”

Bet they didn’t think that would stick.

Jenny LakeAfter an incredible jaunt down to the Jenny Lake beach with the sun beaming through the Tetons across the water, we headed to camp, roasted some hot dogs and s’mores, and took in the pilot episode of Arrested Development.

Roadtrip Lesson #2: The best experiences aren’t expensive.

Free camping plus free access to the park thanks to Kevin’s military service, we’ve only shelled out for gas and groceries thus far, with one humorous exception:

I forgot my swimsuit. Having discovered this upon reaching Jackson, we stopped at the local Kmart (bleck) to get one. True to form, Kmart was stocked as if they only purchase crap off the back of the truck. They had at least 100 children’s swimming suits and exactly 1 women’s XXL bikini top and 1 XXL bikini bottom in zebra and leopard prints, respectively.

Alright…rolling with the punches…I tried on (or attempted) about 5 girl’s XL bikinis, finally finding a top and bottom meant for some poor obese 12-year-old that I could wear in public without being lewd.

Best part? It was tie dye. Groovy.


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