Sweet Karma

It’s an unfortunate reality that crappy people with bad intentions are going to wreak havoc in your life every now and again. I have always believed the karma boomerang will serve up sweet justice (and earned rewards) based on our behaviors. For once, the boomerang effect was nearly immediate.

Early last week I had the joy (sarcasm implied) of terminating a team member who had been cultivating  leverage by means of strategic gossip. You know, the person who pretends to be your ally, but tells you disturbing things about colleagues. You find out later that they were reversing this same equation with everyone else.

Due to my own failure to act sooner and a lack of preparedness for the worst case scenario, the termination led to a drawn out incident. While bad decisions in the moments following a termination are commonplace and expected, this experience ranks in the top three of embarrassing termination reactions.

As I seriously contemplated every thought of revenge, I clung to the hope of the karma boomerang. What goes around comes around.

Unfortunately, we aren’t usually around for the karmic consequences of those who have negatively impacted us. But, the point is that we should not be watching for the fender bender or tax fraud charges of our enemies. We should instead be focused on sowing our own seeds for the future by forgiving them and doing the right thing (even while seeing red).

The day after the incident, I officially replaced the team member and experienced the most inspiring relief through my new team member’s gratitude, humility, and excitement. Two days after the incident, the director of a group I have been volunteering with took me on an amazing shopping trip at a retailer where my current budget doesn’t allow me to even check out the clearance rack.

That same day I received and accepted an opportunity of a lifetime consulting offer. Three days after the incident, we sold one of our rental properties that we were looking to divest for higher than asking price to the most grateful buyer. Four days after the incident, I received another consulting job offer for a wonderful organization whose timing will pair perfectly with the other already accepted offer.

Look for the best in every challenge. If you strive for high standards, especially in the face of difficult people who would love nothing more than you dropping to their level, the rewards are in the bag.

  1. Part of this strategy is looking for the good- it’s always there, but we have to notice it/

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