Support Groups

Why walk through the fire alone? A tribe is waiting.

Mindful support in a space where you can be you – raw and unfiltered – within a tribe that understands firsthand, and will also invite you lean into the discomfort to root into your truth and strength.

We’ll sit with our pain and observe strength. We’ll walk around the lake, hike in the mountains, circle up after gentle yoga.

My support groups are about feeling in control – of you. Finding peace in the eye of the storm – for you.

This is a space just for healing and growth. No judgment, criticism, shoulds, or should nots. Because sometimes we all just need a place to be who we are in this moment, without the weight of everyone else’s emotions, expectations and well-meaning advice.

“Thank you for guiding us through our journey and offering us a safe place to share our struggles and celebrate our triumphs. I’m grateful for you and your support and all that you do – you and our group have been one of the biggest positive things to happen to me during this time of conflict and uncertainty.”


Baobabs Support Group Em Capito LCSW Women


A resiliency support group for women in the midst of high conflict separation or divorce, or dealing with the aftermath.

The baobab tree is known as the tree of life. It’s huge cork-like trunk is fire resistant, and it survives even the driest droughts. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

Tuesdays Evenings (Join anytime)

6:30-8:00 pm

South Jordan, Utah

A 90-minute hands-on support group incorporating mindfulness, movement, and connection to find grounding in your authentic self amidst the chaos and toxic stress.

Come in comfortable clothing for moving and sitting. Tea and supplies provided.

Please email (em at or call before registering for your first session to make sure the group is the right fit for you. Helping professional referrals welcome, as well as coordinated care.

If you need financial support in order to participate, please call or email so that I can learn more about your situation and find a contribution that will work for you (No shame! I’ve been there).


Free resources and support, every Friday: