I Went to Jail and All I Got was this Stupid Mugshot

I Went To Jail and All I Got Was This Stupid Mugshot

I Went To Jail and All I Got Was This Stupid Mugshot257 days ago, I had the photo shoot of my life.

So much pressure riding on that one shot. I wonder now why I didn’t realize that this was (hopefully) my single opportunity to really go big; make it memorable.

If you’re not familiar with my alleged criminality, in brief: I was wrongfully arrested on August 29, 2015 and had the pleasure of visiting hell…er…jail.

Since my arrest was expunged a couple weeks ago, I realized I wanted a copy of my mugshot before all of it was erased from existence.

I never saw my mugshot.

It was suppressed from public access due to the circumstances (Dear Universe, Thank you for saving me from the “Busted in Utah” newspaper. Amen.).

So, I stopped by the jail yesterday, this time of my own free will.

I expected that my request would be an uncommon one, but right as I walked into the records department there was a flyer:

Mugshots $1. Cash only. Like lemonade.

Apparently, I am not the only one who wants to frame those beautiful memories.

I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed.

I wish it was more stereotypical. I wanted to hold up a black sign with my prisoner number on it and stand in front of a black and white height chart.

I should have been arrested in a small town.

So, here you go. Despite all the effort to get the whole thing expunged, I’m putting it out there:

I Went to Jail and All I Got Was This Stupid MugshotBecause I can. Because it does and doesn’t define me. Because life is messy and hiding it under the rug only gets you ants.

I’m not and should never be ashamed or quiet about being wrongfully arrested.

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