Rappelling 13 Stories for DV Awareness

Rappelling 13 Stories for DV AwarenessThe local YWCA’s Family Justice Center is a cause close to my heart.

On October 21st I will be rappelling 13 stories down the side of the Maverik Base Camp building in the heart of downtown SLC to help raise awareness and funds for domestic violence support services.

You can join me for this doing-good-while-doing-something-awesome mash-up.

A fellow Utahn, but not a fan of heights? Help me raise $1,000 by giving a few bucks today. It’s all tax deductible (although I know you’ll do it out of the goodness of your heart).

When I reflect back, I am in awe of the resources it took to overcome the situation I found myself in.

400+ hours of my own time working on my cases.

More than $10,000 just in legal fees (and my attorney constantly undercharged).

Hundreds of phone calls, coffee sessions, lunch dates, and ugly cries with some of the best people on the planet who kept me focused on the positive.

I had the flexibility and cashflow of my own business.

For my case, I had knowledge, time, and a project management background.

For myself, I had space to put my life back together and a suddenly very useful therapy background.

I had the basic things we take for granted, like a car and a safe place to sleep.

I was so very fortunate.

I can’t imagine the hopelessness I would have felt if I had been in poverty, without a job, without a home, or without grocery money, let alone cash for a decent attorney.

I was not a victim. I had a horrible day. And some pretty crappy weeks that followed.

The women out there who are genuinely in need…well, I think they deserve a comeback story, too.

You can learn more about the Salt Lake City YWCA’s Family Justice Center here.

If you’re not in Utah, I bet you’ve got a YWCA or similar non-profit in your community that could use your help.

You never expect it will happen to you.

Or you mother. Or your sister. Or your daughter. But when it does, you’ll wish local organizations could do more. And they can, with our help.

Free resources and support, every Friday: