Book Review: Platform – Get Noticed in a Noisy World

A good friend and mentor of mine recommended that I read Platform. She even had the good faith to lend me her personal copy, which I devoured over a weekend. Platform is like no book I have ever read. Hyatt composed the book in an modern style, where bite-sized chunks of valuable information are delivered in a few pages at a time. The book is a densely packed how-to, but is endlessly consumable.

Two things will slow you down: (1) all of the notes and action items you must get down after nearly every page; and (2) the fact that you will be compelled to put down the book and take some of those actions immediately because they are so valuable, they cannot wait.

At the end of my several day seclusion with the book, I had exactly 20 yellow pad pages of notes, mostly consisting of immediately actionable steps that I am confident will grow my personal platform and my tribe. This is the beautiful part of a well-written how-to like Platform: a goal that once seemed overwhelmingly difficult becomes an intuitive sequence of steps that emboldens you to skip up the first flight.

As an experienced writer, publisher, speaker, and blogger, Hyatt is an accessible role model for any creative who needs a tribe of devoted followers to monetize their product. Creating an online, often faceless following of individuals who devote a portion of their limited time to your creative work is an art in and of itself that requires both a “wow product” (as Hyatt calls it) and a significant dose of technology. This can act as a significant barrier to many who have valuable products to share. Platform is the map for traversing that rocky mountain.

Astutely observant and clearly dedicated to finding the best and most efficient method for a complex web of tasks necessary to develop a platform, Hyatt’s generous advice will cut your learning curve in half.

Want to learn more? Click here to go to Hyatt’s website page for Platform.

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  1. Platform is written in such a way that I highly recommend jumping around! I read it cover to cover simply because it was perfect timing for launching my new website, but I certainly spent much more time with concepts that were immediately actionable. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Emily, I received the copy of Platform in the mail and wanted to thank you again. Also, since there are many different topics with just a few pages devoted to each one, do you recommend I read them in order, or would it be just as well to jump around? I am wondering because on the surface, some of the subjects seem more relevant to my situation than others. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations, Eric! You’re excellent question regarding notes management was a great conversation starter and you are going to be receiving a free copy of Platform!

  4. It is such a frustrating cycle to start off an exciting course and then come full circle back to where we started within a few short months (or days!) Keep on starting is the first step. Then make friends with someone who lives in your target destination and hang out as much as possible!

  5. This was a very encouraging and insightful review! I am looking forward to reading this book. However, my concern is how to maintain the momentum. I get excited about something, make a list of actionable tasks, and for awhile, I get things done. But then, it seems inevitably, I fall back into the “same old, same old.” I am comfortable with the status quo – that isn’t a lie. But, deep down I want something better for myself than “comfortable.” Or, rather, I want to be comfortable in a place that I created myself – not just be comfortable in someone else’s dream-come-true. So, I suppose I’d like more insight on how to maintain that enthusiasm I have and then lose track of. And, I suspect that there are many more like me: that have the dream, and the energy, but lack the ability to focus that energy for sustained, meaningful amounts of time.

  6. Diana, what a great opportunity to put some of these concepts to work for you – combining what you enjoy doing with the potential for automated income. Platform can definitely provide dozens of ideas for how to get your website noticed and build a following of fans! You may also enjoy this post: Good luck!

  7. I enjoyed your review and am looking forward to reading platform in the near future. I have been ‘playing’ with the idea of selling my own music online, but always tagged it as unrealistic – tiny fish in a giant ocean.

  8. Great question, Eric. I have experienced the same dilemma. Several friends have recommended Evernote and it is also mentioned in Platform, so I am giving it a try. I make my notes on a yellow pad and then read through them afterward, plugging the content into separate “notes.” I have a place for quotes, action items for the blog, action items for my business, business tools, and coaching tools, so far. I like how they are easily accessible on my phone and searchable.

  9. Hi Emily, it sounds like an excellent read. Here’s a question though: What systems do you have in place to actually digest your notes? I have read and/or listened to Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Brian Tracy among others, and I have taken many great notes; however, I have taken so many notes that I find it hard to really remember everything I wrote. How do you handle that?

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