Live from the Bahamas

Short and sweet. Vacations, parables, and this blog post. A quick reminder of a restorative ingredient of life, and then back to reality.

The short and sweet points in life usually fade into good memories. We often fail to sow the seeds that fed our souls for that brief period of time.

Breathing in the salty smell of the ocean.

Watching the sun and the sea become one for that brief instant.

Embracing the oddities that you call family.

Letting go of your own odd insecurities.

Recognizing a life lesson that could make waves for your day to day life.

Such sweet moments that come and go in an instant.

There is one day left on my cruise through the Bahamas. Like all vacationers, it feels too soon to end. It’s not that I want to remain on a boat or the islands. It’s not that I dread returning to work. I look forward to getting back to the day to day.

What I don’t want to end is fresh perspective: the balance of contentment and excitement, the bonding with self and family, the sudden quiet in my head.

We too often pass through vacations, great books, and valuable conversations like out of towners just looking in on what we could (but yet tell ourselves we cannot) have. What one small piece of your last short, sweet moment will you carry on into your day to day routine?

  1. I’m proud to be referred to as an oddity! I think… Nicely written. The English teacher and mother in me are very proud.

  2. Thanks, Kevin! Home for a few days now and it will certainly be an interesting test to see how long that perspective can stay in focus.

  3. Emily,

    The life of an entrepreneur is an overwhelming commitment filled with daily accomplishments, excitement, and often extraordinary gifts. You deserve a bit of calm in the center of your storm. A bit of fresh perspective on your reality, your dreams, and your relationships. Solitude and even a simple change of course can provide that, and I am glad knowing you will be back with more insightful contributions to your blog and to your work.

    You keeping up with the impactful and sometimes awe inspiring posts even while on vacation is a testament of your character and your commitment. If your level of motivation is any sign of your imminent success then I am sure you will prosper in life and in business.

    I enjoy your encouraging words regarding the life and business of an entrepreneur. I hope to be the lucky recipient of one of your recommended books in the future but more appreciate the steady flow of words on being a success in all our endeavors.

    I have found some reminders to inspire my own focus hidden in the pages of your blog. Tips on efficiency and time management, or simple reminders about maintaining general happiness while juggling the day to day. The things you write I am sure are not just reminders to me, but an inspiration to many.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading again soon.

  4. Great post! Its a important to take time now and then and just get away from it all. It can be a bit harder to bring that “vacation attitude” back home. Fantastic points about perspective and solitude.

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