Happiest New Year (and special thanks)

Happiest New Year (and Special Thanks)

Happiest New Year (and Special Thanks)It’s Day 1 of 366.

Today is technically just another day.

But, for me anyway, it is a blessed fresh start, almost as good as November 24th, when the judge signed off on my divorce and that chapter of my life was officially closed. It was my most thankful Thanksgiving.

So, cheers to starting again. To building whatever you damn well please this time.

And on the note of thanks giving…I want to start my 2016 with a bit of gratitude. A dedication of sorts to the angels who shared their Rockstar attitude with me when I was a puddle in 2015.

Here’s to my mother, who spent hours with me on the jail phone, 5 minutes at a time, so that I wouldn’t go insane. She flew out immediately only to get served with an unwarranted Civil Stalking Injunction as part of the drama.

Here’s to my sister and brother, who picked me up from jail at 2 AM, took me to the Maverick to eat and pee for the first time in 12 hours (I was so not using the “bathroom” there), and who cried with me in that painful moment.

Here’s to Lyn, the wisest badass I know who magically came in to my life just before the shit hit the fan and was the first to point out how this process was going to transform me into a better, stronger, and much more interesting version of myself. Having been through hell and back herself, she is my guiding (rock)star.

Here’s to my attorney, an incredible woman whose expertise in criminal defense saved my ass while her competence around family law allowed everything to be taken care of by one person – a crucial and rare combination for cases like mine. She was an actual partner in this horrific journey and happens to be a yoga instructor. I can’t believe how lucky I was to find her. Signs.

Here’s to my sweetest of friends, Tammy, who never judges and is always good for a late night hot tub dip with a bottle of wine. You truly cannot predict who you’re real friends are until you test them. Most disappear into the woodwork. Handcuffs have that effect.

Here’s to Susie, a talented psychiatrist and a friend who stood with me and validated the craziness of my experience. While others shrugged it all off, Susie helped me craft a safety plan, forced me to accept reality, and is the type of friend who will go to bat.

And here’s to my “support group” of genuine good people who checked in with me after court, shared their own divorce lessons learned, or just kept me from feeling alone in crazy land. You know who you are.

This amazing constellation of angels came together at just the right moment and with just the right gift of time, support, stories, and most of all, laughs (oh, and wine. Always wine.). I owe them all.

Today, Day 1, I am cleaning house for a fresh start and learning to tune my new guitar, in preparation for checking off the first item on my Rockstar Comeback list.

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