Epic Roadtrip Day 1

The Pickle
The Pickle

After feeling quite defeated in our preparations to get out of dodge, alas, all bad luck must come to an end.

In the past two weeks, we have had a tenant’s faucet break…twice; the same tenant’s AC break…twice; our own AC circuit board die; our water valve give out; and a much needed part for a large customer order go on backorder for the first time ever.

On top of all this, we finally secured a great tenant for a rental that needed to be taken care of before we left, but a potential buyer indicated they would make an offer. After toying with us for several days, no offer came and then tenant was long gone.

Murphy’s law is alive and well.

Lesson #1: Don’t complicate your life with all sorts of strings that hold you down. The rentals have to go. Mobility is too important.

After FedEx dropped the parts off, we rushed them out, threw all of our stuff in the VW in Mad Max style, and set off around 6:15 PM, only to run into a gridlock on the freeway.

After grabbing too much dinner at one of our favorite side stops in Evanston, the Legal Tender, we drove for a few more hours until midnight, when we pulled into a Flying J travel center in Cokeville, Wyoming for our first boondocking experience.

It’s official: Come hell or high water, we are headed on the journey of a lifetime. Two countries, 8 states in a 79 VW van with two crazy kids over 28 days.

A note of thanks to my sister for housesitting while we are away and to the Wagon Wheel RV Park in Afton, WY where I am currently borrowing some WiFi to get this post published.

  1. I’m a bit jealous! It’s been a while since I’ve done an honest-to-goodness roadtrip. My wife and her friend drove Route 66 a while back, but I couldn’t tag along. 🙁

    Have a great time with the fam!

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