Earning Happiness

All rationalizations aside, and with a few exceptions, your life reflects what you have earned.

If you are unhappy, broke, lonely, or bored, you generally earned it. The same is true if you are wealthy, in love, excited, or healthy.

While there are true tragedies out there that can sweep us off our feet, if we prepare, invest in relationships, and maintain a strong outlook, we can weather the storm and experience even more fulfillment and passion for life because of our experiences.

Our daily investments of time, effort, and attitude are earning our end of the day result.

If you find yourself comparing your chubby thighs, smaller home, or dented car to Mr. Jones, consider the following:

1) If it seems good fortune was handed to the Jones’ on a silver platter, their character will reflect it, and they may pay more in the long run than anyone else.

2) If the Jones’ actually worked hard and created their good fortune, you’re staring at a living, breathing example of what you, too, can accomplish.

The barriers, grit, pain, and setbacks that you encounter on the road carve your character. Much like the dent on the driver’s door of my Ford which serves as a constant reminder of my values, your failures and hard-fought wins create a more fulfilling existence.

Embrace your mistakes, the guy who continuously cuts you down, your own doubts and fears. Muscle growth requires a force working against it. If it was smooth sailing, your end of the day destination would not be worthy of the trip.

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