Cutting Off My Own Retreat

One of the nice aspects of blogging is that you need to live by the words you write (unless you’re a sociopath). I recently wrote a post about burning your boats, in other words forcing a make or ┬ábreak situation to create focus, determination, and results.

No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.”
– William Borden

I burned about half of my boats back in August when I turned down a lucrative opportunity in favor of writing, but with a safety net: business development work with a local spa which was purposefully negotiated to create a break-even financial situation and provide health benefits.

A word to the wise: while most of us type-A folks really enjoy an exciting challenge, creating a successful entrepreneurial venture is exciting enough. Don’t pick a safety net that will distract you from your underlying goals.

With some progress on my book being made, it was time to cut the cord. Today is my last day at the spa and the second desk I will be cleaning out in the past year. Actually, the one-year anniversary of starting out on this wonderful journey is next month. It’s been the most memorable year of my adult life so far, because I actually experienced it outside the confines of an office.

This is where the rubber really meets the road. Wish me luck!


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