Change is A-Comin’

I am both hesitant and excited to announce the splitting of this blog. After a year of writing, I have developed a much better understanding of the people I want to impact, and they belong to two different ecosystems.

By January 1st, this blog will become solely focused on living life better, chronically my own and others’ journeys to freedom and fulfillment along with the concepts and books that have typically been highlighted here in that vein. If you are subscribed to the Lifestyle or Workstyle feeds here, not much should change for you. Expect 1-2 posts per week with a post every Saturday morning to catch you when you are ready to put the concepts into action.

The leadership and organizational development content will be moving to a new home and will evolve to target mission-driven organizations and business for good. Impact Ignition will combine expert advice, best practices, and resources curated to help non-profits and cause-focused for-profits multiply their impact through change leadership, efficient operations, and long-term capacity development. If  you are currently subscribed to the Leadership feed on this blog, you will automatically be moved over to the new blog, but can of course unsubscribe at any time. Expect 2-3 posts per week plus training, contest, and grant opportunities.

This change reflects me living what I’ve preached: niching down to provide my best value to my soul mate customers. (A review and giveaway of Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port is coming, as this incredible resource is at the root of this redesign.)

I hope this adjustment serves you, my readers, better. While some of you may fall into both camps, I do believe the focused formats of the two blogs will generate better, focused content and opportunities for you to engage in fun and rewarding ways based on your own interests.

Would love to know your thoughts on the topic.

  1. Thanks, DB40. I also loved Death by Meeting and look forward to seeing what comes of this new direction.

    I think your blog fills more than just a personal finance niche, lending to a bigger perspective on living differently…and better. I for one sincerely enjoy and appreciate the interesting deviations. After all, what’s the point of a ridiculous savings rate if not for the life one experiences thanks to those difficult decisions?

  2. I think that sounds like a logical way to deliver better focus to each topic, Emily. One of my favorite business books, Death by Meeting, centers on a similar idea: meetings ought to be more narrowly focused (one meeting for tactics, one for strategy, etc.). Anyway, I’ll be subscribing to both and look forward to learning more about leadership and lifestyle.

    I fear my own blog might need a similar refocusing. (I mean, shouldn’t a personal finance blog at least occasionally offer personal finance tips?) But there’s a part of me that just likes writing about what I find to be interesting without much of a theme. I noticed early on that all my readers are PF experts with their own blogs, so I tell myself I serve them better by trying to just put out random-but-interesting stuff, rather than sharing tactics on how to save money.

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