Embracing a Bumpy Road

The 200th Post: Reflections on Life, Love and Letting Go Em Capito

I launched my own business and started work on my book in September, but, alas, this first post took until December 4th to write.

Murphy’s law is alive and well. My story in a nutshell:

The idea for a book came to me in August, 2012 while on a long walk, advice that came from 48 Days to the Work You Love. I of course picked up this wonderful book when I unexpectedly lost my sense of direction. After dedicating the vast majority of my time and energy to “career success” as COO for a non-profit, some suprising twists woke me up to reality and I walked away.

In September, I launched a business combining my love for writing with my passion for helping others transform their lives. I filed the registration paperwork on the same day that I turned down a six-figure job with an enormous corporate machine and I will never regret it.

What has happened in the time since September is a blur of missteps and small miracles that kept my motivation intact. Some proud milestones that most entrepreneurs can relate to:

  • I am on my third box of business cards – surely that means I have arrived! (If only that meant that I didn’t have three full boxes of ill-conceived business cards)
  • I have fired one website developer and lost another – an online presence was like a mirage until I dug in to do it myself
  • I now own more than 10 web domains – most completely useless now
  • I opened a business account – with the old business name on the card, but it still works when I transfer money to it (or more frequently out of it)

If you are an entrepreneur headed down this same path, I commend you. It’s certainly the road less traveled and, at times, entirely unpaved. Since I happily live on a dirt road, I am certain the unpaved roads lead somewhere worthwhile.

Many (hopefully) engaging posts on leadership, the overachiever’s signature cocktail of personality quirks, and extraordinary living are coming. If you have some momentous thoughts to share of your own, I would be pleased to meet you and host a guest post. Certainly those that enjoy a bumpy ride are a small tribe and we will reach new summits if we stick together.

Which leads me to the best advice I ever received: wake up with the sun. Especially if (like me) you aren’t a morning person. As I started this journey, I happened to catch the sunrise one morning with a hot cup of coffee in hand and a few deer walking past. The tradition that has continued since has kept me grounded and disciplined. It might just inspire the best in you as well. Welcome.

  1. Hi Emily,

    I’m really glad I found your blog and I decided, like with most things, it’s best to start at the beginning. Looking forward to catching up!

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