Avoiding Self-Induced Avoidance

I am hoping that I am not the only one out there who sometimes wonders if I take on so much so as to facilitate forced avoidance of what I really need to be doing.

Achieving something monumental, like living as if you are retired with passive income that only requires four hours of your time each week, takes a great deal of constant reevaluation and adjustment, especially for me. Perhaps I have a fear of failure?

Have you set out on a goal with all of the excitement and determination of a dog with a brand new bone, only to reevaluate 90 days later and realize you haven’t really done more than talk about biting into it. Maybe you took a few licks and gave it a lot of good hard looks, but somehow you managed to bury it under a pile of laundry, yard work, relationships, and any other distraction that “required your attention.”

That’s what reevaluation is for: reflecting on the minuscule distance you have come, working through the resulting justifications, moving on to self-loathing, and hopefully transitioning into a renewed and even more determined focus before you escape into a television marathon.

Recommit to your goals by identifying the great justifications you have allowed to distract you and removing them, even and especially if it means you will have no other choice but to be successful in your venture.

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