Announcing: The Resilience Class Online Course

The Resilience Class with Em Capito, LCSW

The Resilience Class with Em Capito, LCSWI am beyond excited to finally pull all of the research and tools I’ve conceptualized over the past five years on resilience together into a lifetime access online masterclass.

Most of you are aware that my passion for resilience stems from my own terribly ungraceful floundering in the midst of personal trauma nearly five years ago.

Since that rock bottom, I’ve been fascinated with the impact of adversity in our lives.

I had to accept, and then embrace, the reality that challenges were just going to keep coming, and that I could continue to be upset and victimized by difficult life experiences, or…

I could let go. Stop resisting. Stop pretending I could prevent or control anything beyond my own response.

This is what therapists like to call “riding the wave.”

In the hero’s journey, it’s the end of suffering as we step across the threshold into the unknown and embrace the call to adventure.

“Indeed I would define mental health as the capacity to be aware of the gap between stimulus and response, together with the capacity to use this gap constructively…Freedom is the individual’s capacity to know that he is the determined one, to pause between stimulus and response and thus to throw his weight, however slight it may be, on the side of one particular response among several possible ones.” (Rolly May, 1963)

Resilience is that space between stimulus and response.

Without a personal resilience practice, that space shrinks down to fear-based, knee-jerk reactions. We are at the mercy of every little irritation.

Meaning drains out of the motions and regret takes its place as we miss the opportunities in our lives to be present, thoughtful, compassionate and joyful.

Resilience is a skill that can be learned by anyone to reclaim your life, your authenticity under stress, and your fearless pursuit of a life that lights you up.

I’ve been teaching the six resilience factors to individuals, families, helping professionals and organizations for several years. It’s the most rewarding work I get to do. Without fail, those individuals reappear down the road to share the ripple effect of impact in their own lives, and in their loved ones.

This last January, I brought all of the concepts together into a course for the University of Utah, and thanks to a little extra time on my hands during our little quarantine, I’ve transformed those lessons into an online course with lifetime access called The Resilience Class.

To kick things off, and celebrate the silver linings inherent in the challenges we are experiencing together, you can enroll for a limited time at more than half off – just $44.

Even with my therapy background, this class would have changed everything for me, and I would have had many fewer missteps and regrets to contend with, had I been engaged in my own personal resilience practice before trauma hit.

These are the skills I monitor and practice every day myself.

From mind-body-soul wellness to mindfulness to the intentional discomfort of Resiliency Field Trips. I never cease to be amazed at how differently I respond to life when that space is wide open for me to choose.

If you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and join me in The Resilience Class, you can learn more and enroll here.

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