Book Review: The Millionaire Messenger

This week’s review is dedicated to all of you who are trying to get your message to the masses. It is a difficult journey you are on with a steep learning curve. However, as Brendon Burchard points out in The Millionaire Messenger, your timing is perfect:

In the new creative age – fueled by content, authenticity, trust, search engines, and social media – the new class of creatives and experts will work for themselves and create real relationships with people, based on valuable advice and information.”

Burchard had a message to share with the world and struggled in the dark to pull all the pieces together. Unlike many one-hit authors, Burchard was determined to turn his expertise into a lifelong career. The Millionaire Messenger is Burchard’s step-by-step guide that brings together all of the discrete components for succeeding as an expert, from writing and speaking to coaching and products.

The brilliance in Burchard’s writing is his ability to instill in you the confidence and direction you need to move forward. Throughout the book, Burchard provides expert prompts that naturally lead you to a cohesive and tangible product and a deep understanding of your target audience, the latter being critical to gaining traction.

Examples from various segments of the book:

  • The things I love to do in my life are…
  • If I could research any topic in the world and help others master it, it would be…
  • My audience often dreams of achieving…
  • My audience hates having to do things like…

There are many books out there with exercises and questions built-in to attempt to individualize and further the content for you, but this was the first time I actually completed every single one of them, on paper and on purpose.

Burchard doesn’t just entice you with what could be and leave you with a few insightful ideas; if you invest the time in applying the content you will create a unique map to your own successful (and lucrative) career as an expert.

My own personal takeaways included a dramatically more defined niche and the acceptance that I must focus on one expertise first, the others will follow. These leaps forward were well worth the single day it took to complete The Millionaire Messenger. If you’re motivated to make a living spreading your message, you won’t be able to put it down except to grab a pen and notepad.

Click here to learn more about Brendon Burchard and his newest book, The Charge.

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  1. Must be an interesting read. I hope I have not come into the party too late for a chance to partake of the learning.

    1. This party is always going! Thank you for stopping by – this was a wonderful book, and Brendon has several new books out now that I am digging into. Hope to see you back!

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  3. I have been told I need to read this book by several friends, so I hope it is fate! My message? As a woman who has held a variety of leadership positions, both successful and disastrously, I have the ability to cut the learning curve in half for up and comers!

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